Night Whitening Body Lotion


  • Revitalize the skin
  • Prevents the causes of darkness
  • skin moisturinzing
  • Whitens the skin


Night whitening body lotion can revitalize skin efficiently and effectively, and it also prevents the causes of darkness, brings back skin moisture and whitens skin within seven days.

Active Ingredients

    Vitamin B3 is found in meat, peanuts and grains. This kind of vitamin is good for skin, it can especially reduce wrinkles, red and black spots (hyperpigment), increase skin moisture, stimulate the production of collagen and ceramide and strengthen skin to fight with irritation.
    It is an innovative form of vitamin C, the best of its kind, helping whiten, smooth and tighten skin naturally. It also reduces wrinkles caused from aging and stress.
    The substance suppresses the process of melanin production, the cause of blemishes and freckles. Tranexamic acid can stop bleeding and be applied to the treatment of blemishes, freckles and black spots. It also whitens skin and suppresses the function of tyrosinase, the cause of overproduction of melanin. Skin is thus bright.
    The extract is received from bearberry, helping suppress tyrosinase, an important enzyme that stimulates cells to produce melanin.  By this reason, arbutin is used as an important ingredient in several skin whitening products, as it brightens skin naturally, but it does not damage skin.
    It has similar chemical properties to sebum (oil produced by the body). Jojoba oil looks more like liquid wax than oil, and it is not sticky. It is thus absorbed into skin rapidly. At the same time, it prevents skin fluid loss and visibly smoothes skin. Also, jojoba oil can reduce wrinkles and stretch marks and gradually removes scars.